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February 20, 2024

You may have noticed that some sneakers feel a lot different than others. Or maybe you've never thought about it at all. But one thing is for sure, there are a lot of sneaker’s out there these days, air bubble technology! What does air cushion technology actually do? Are air-tec sneaker’s good? Why are so many people looking for this in their footwear? And why should you care? Keeping yourself up to date with the latest footwear innovations will help support you through your own personal journey.


So lets jump in!


1. How did the air bubble sneaker begin?

In 1981, A man called Tinker Hatfield found himself in Paris. Inspired by the Pompidou Centre's unique design that displayed its components for all to see on the inside, he came up with a revolutionary new idea- Air Cushioning!

This new technology could provide superior support through every heel strike and allow runners more comfort than ever before. The original concept was an inner tube designed into shoe soles but soon evolved into something better... The iconic "Nike Air” shoe’s which have revolutionised sport footwear everywhere (and still does).


2. What does the Air Technology in Sneakers Actually do?

Cushioning is a popular choice for athletes and people who enjoy a casual walk. The air bubble offers extra comfort to your feet by providing protection from shockwaves that are created by each footfall. The more advanced the shoe's design and materials, the more comfortable it will be for your feet. 

Air cushioning technology in your footwear is a key component to what separates a sneaker from any other shoe. It provides the much needed support that goes beyond just keeping your feet warm and dry. The benefits of this innovation are endless, which is why air cushion tech is the footwear industry's go to sneaker.

 The comfort is a major factor that attracts people to these shoes, with it’s instant impact on how it feels when you walk, run or jump around. This technology is designed to keep your feet protected by absorbing shock. Footwear professionals refer to this sensation as "the perfect ride" and in fact consider it a totally new dimension of comfort.

Air cushion shoe is what makes them the most popular among athletes. These are shoes preferred by basketball players, runners and even people who just want to keep fit and healthy. And In fact it can be said that every time a new technology comes along to improve on the design of sports footwear, it's always based around how to get the best possible stability and cushioning.

Footwear professionals have long known that when it comes to comfort, nothing else compares to air cushion footwear. You'll find them in a selection of designs and styles but they all meet the same basic criteria – maximum support, maximum comfort and most importantly, maximum shock absorption and protection for your


3. Can Air Cushioning shoes reduce the risk of injury?

By increasing the balance and support to your foot, Air cushion shoes can reduce the risk of injury. The technology allows you to manoeuvre through various surfaces, supported by the air bubble shoe. The sole provides extra padding for your foot, preventing injuries and gives you more stability. It’s easier for your muscels and ligaments to maintain correct alignment in a neutral position, this decreases strain on your joints which reduces the risk of injury by increasing balance and support to your foot.


4. Do Air Cushion shoes promote better posture?

The air cushion sole is structured to support your body weight more equally, so that the foot can lift up slightly with each step you take. This means that it will work towards helping you to maintain good posture and balance by improving technique while walking, jogging or running. Maintaining the correct posture will only enhance mobility, help strengthen upper and lower back also reduces pressure on your foot and lower limb which can help to reduce pain from plantar fasciitis. 


5. Are air bubble shoes for everyone?

Air-cushioned sneakers are fantastic for anyone who likes to keep active but can't stand the aches of traditional footwear. Not only do these sneakers protect your joints, they also help you move around easier and with less pain - perfect whether you're casually walking or standing up all day at work!

The air bubble technology has been developed as a more advanced option than regular sneakers; not only does it provide protection from impact while moving, it offers comfort that keeps your feet happy too. Offering gentle support for those looking to avoid injuries such as foot pains which could lead to other problems over time. The cushioning is kind on your joints and muscles, good support can keep your bones from straining, giving you the protection you need. 

6. Are they the best sneakers to wear with jeans?

The technology has produced a number of designs and styles for all accessions. For a classic and stylish air cushion sneaker, head over to our shoe line for trendy air-tec sneakers for women and cool smart casual black sneakers for men. The quality of the material are superior to the design and feel, providing a long lasting durable finish. our gold stand sneaker will be presented the end of the this post!

..So let’s continue

 For more insight on trending topics we recommend exploring for more ideas and styles.


7. Can a good insole give me the same impact as Air cushion footwear?

The question is not whether an insole can give you the same impact as a air cushion shoe. The real question lies in what kind of support your feet require on top of just absorbing shock, like if they need to be stabilised while running or have more arch and heel help for people who experience problems with their arches.  

8. Do insoles provide a lot of support?

For more insight into plantar fasciitis, extra insole comfort, arches or heel issues, we provide steps and the right support to help you through your journey.

I've been wondering if I should get new insoles for my sneakers. Maybe after reading this article, you might decide to try out insoles before purchasing a pair of air cushioned sneakers!



9. Reasons why Air-Tec sneakers are more comfortable than traditional footwear? 

Air bubble sneakers are more comfortable and durable than non air cushioned shoes. Footwear with an air sole offers increased comfort as the shock of impact will be taken up by the shoe instead of your ankle or knees. This gives you better balance control and stability as you walk or run; there are also fewer chances for injury from joints hurting because there isn’t tension or pressure, due to being protected in good quality footwear or sport shoes.

For those who work on their feet all day long, it's essential that you invest in a good pair of air cushioned footwear because not only will they last longer but they will also give you extra comfort and support.


10. Are air cushioned shoes more expensive than traditional ones?

It’s time to find out whether or not air cushioned shoes are worth the price. An age old question, "are they really worth it?" This all comes down to personal experience and preference.

Air cushion technology shoes may be more expensive but the benefits from wearing them can last a lifetime. A quality pair of sneakers is an investment and it's important to protect your feet as they are vital for continued mobility throughout life.

The technology offers so much support for both our physical body, mental health and well-being with their innovative design that uses air pressure in each heel to stabilize every step you take on any terrain. No foot type or shape has been left out! Traditional brands might not have evolved like this yet - most likely due to price points which restrict buyers' choices when searching through online stores - myscrimp.com tries to combat that thought, but there’s still plenty of options if you know what questions to ask yourself before buying new footwear.




The air bubble technology has been around for decades, it’s the one thing that will never go out of style and will always be present: it will continue to remain a hot topic. I hope you found this post informal and interesting? Whether you're looking for a new pair of air cushioned sneakers? or just interested to know more about the technology. - I hope this article has helped, answer your questions. 

Mind, body and sole, footwear that supports your active lifestyle.



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